Thursday, December 11, 2008

Early Day at the Gym

I got to the gym early this morning about 5:30am. It was interesting to see who was there that early. There was a Dentist, an Eye Doctor, 2 firemen, a woman who is an army recruiter and a police officer. There was no socializing either everyone of these folks were going at it hard. I was especially glad to see the firemen and the policeman there. I like knowing that the guys who would respond to a crisis were fit and strong.

I got to thinking, what if you worked out everyday as though your life and or someone Else's life depended on your strength and stamina. Would you workout more intensely? It's very possible that your workout could very well be the difference in living or dying in an emergency. We never know what life will bring and a lot of us do push the limits with our adventures. What if your car broke down in the middle of nowhere could you walk many miles to get help? Could you swim a long distance if your boat was sinking, or stay a float for hours if you needed to for survival? Could you fight off a rapist or a home invader? You really just don't know, no one ever plans for a crisis to happen.

When you workout think about this, what you are doing right then could make the difference in life or death for you or someone you love. Workout as though your fitness and your strength is all you have to carry you though a tough situation. The Boy Scouts have a saying that the whole idea is based on, "Be Prepared". That's pretty good advice for most anything in life.

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Walking Panda

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