Thursday, December 4, 2008

Cow Days

Ever had one of those days when you think, "I'm the fattest, slowest cow that ever lived". I call those 'cow days'. They are usually the result of just being worn out tired and feeling like all your hard work, exercising and eating properly has been a waste and you are just fooling yourself that you are in good shape.

I think everyone goes through these, like the Chinese Yin Yang theory, for everything there is an opposite, they is necessary for harmony. We want to have many more of the days when you feel like you are on top of the world than the cow days when you feel like you are looking up out of a hole.

When you feel one of the cow days coming on the best thing to do is recognise what it is and to analyze why you are feeling that way. Some times it's because you have been working to hard, either at the gym or at work or even trying to deal with family issues. A change in routine can bring one on also. If your life is like mine and you have such a regular schedule that you don't even need an alarm clock, then a change in routine can bring on a feeling of total wipe out. You might even be trying to fight off a virus.

Once you can pin down the reason you feel like gutter scrapings you can figure out how to deal with it. Regardless of the reason for it often the best remedy is a rest day or two. You should look at cow days as just another injury, like a sore place that needs a like care to feel better. It is after all an injury to the mind and treating it with a little rest and then applying some therapy in the form of positive thoughts. You know you have been improving and getting better and stronger every day, don't let a cow day destroy your confidence in yourself.

The treatment for a cow day IS NOT to have an eating frenzy. That might make you feel gratified for a little bit with consummation of large amounts of comfort food but the guilt will set in soon and you will feel even worse. Another no no is to go on a spending spree to make you feel better. Wait till you feel on top of things again so you can shop wisely.

Even if you never have 'Cow Days', thanks for reading.

Happy Panda


Hope said...

How strange you post this, I'm in the middle of a 'cow day' myself. I know why, and I just have to get through it.

denise said...

I'm having a cow day today. Must be left over vacation belly. Drat that scale!