Sunday, June 3, 2012

Living Wild

There are those that live differently than most. There are those that expect more from life than just another day of breathing, working, eating and sleeping.  There are those that feel they have to earn each day.  There are those that must visit their limits.  Those people are adult athletes.

We may not all be as fast or as strong or as powerful, but within each of us burns a desire, a need,  a driving force to be more tomorrow than we are today.  We are all of us in training not just to be better at our chosen sports but to be a better person.

We may be the only one who cares if we have a personal best or reach a long awaited goal.  Doesn't matter, it's sweet and it empowers us to try even harder.  There is a difference in us, we are called crazy, fanatic or chasing rainbows.  But we know better, we know that the pot of gold, at the end of that rainbow, is real, it's the magic that keeps us young and strong.

We live a life that's wilder, because a part of us was never tamed, within us breathes a person that is a throwback to wilder times.  Times when we fought with the strength of our will and the muscle in our arm to live.  Times when we earned each day with our sweat and our courage.

Be proud brother and sister athletes, we keep the flame burning to light the way for others to follow and to hope.  We may never know who we inspire when we train, race and live strong.  But never doubt for a second how important our example is.  Some of us are already champions with bodies of steel, others of us are just starting out, but each of us are positive examples of a better way, a path to follow away from obesity and sickness.

Thanks for reading.

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