Monday, June 4, 2012

Days to Remember

In the second movie of the Crocodile Dundee series, Dundee is talking to the leader of a street gang and asks, "What did you do yesterday"?  The gang leader responds, "We didn't do nothing".  Dundee, "What did you do the day before that"?  The gang leader, "We didn't do nothing".  Is that kinda how your life goes?  Is there anything special that you will remember from day to day or is life, except for some vacations and other significant events, just a blurry haze?

If your life is boring and your just going through the motions it's time to change.  Usually when we need a change we need a big one.  Lots of living wrongs need to be turned into living rights.  When we just exist we miss so much.  We shouldn't go through each day with nothing to look forward to except what's for supper and what show is on TV.  We shouldn't have to wait to have fun and adventure, we can make our lives so much more with just a few changes.

When you choose to follow a path to better health and fitness, each day becomes a new opportunity to get stronger and happier.  Yes happier.  We can wake each morning with a plan for the day, a plan as to what we are going to eat, what exercise we are going to do and what goals we are going to chase.  We live like we are finally in charge of our lives and not just a target for life to have it's way with us.

If someone asks you tomorrow what you did today, would you answer, "Nothing", or could you say, "I explored my limits, I experimented with a new recipe for a healthy meal and I went to bed with the glow of having had a full and productive day".  Choose well because once today is gone we have lost it forever.

Thanks for reading.

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