Saturday, June 23, 2012

America Needs Heroes

The Olympic trials for track and field are coming up and with them the chance of a life time for those athletes that have earned the right to throw down against the nations best.  I know that some of those athletes will see what this old man has to say and I'd like to put what this means into perspective as I see it.

This nation was battle born, against all odds we won our freedom.  We have throughout the years since been the nation of winners in every possible way.  We blazed the trail for the rest of the world to follow in industry, innovation, learning and making our dreams reality.  We also were the nation to beat in national sport competition. 

I've pondered the question for many years as an adult athlete, what does it take to be a winner, I have had that discussion with some of those athletes who will be competing in these trials.  We have some amazing athletes going to the trials this time.  Many of them have what it takes to stand on that platform and get the gold medal placed around their neck while the Star Spangled Banner plays in the background.

Our nation is in a slump right now and we need heroes, we need to reconfirm that we are still the great nation that can still blaze a trail for the rest of the world to follow.  Our elected politicians are not getting it done so maybe what we need is for our athletes to show what America can do again.  We need that!  We need heroes to rally us and get us thinking like winners again.

From the 20K race walk to the 100m sprints we have a strong field of athletes that will be competing in this years Olympic trials.  I believe that some of those athletes will be the heroes that we need to get us back to thinking like winners again.  We never truly know what our destiny is but please remember this when you toe that starting line, you are more than just someone competing in a foot race.

Good luck and God speed to all of you and to those that make the decision to hold nothing back, we will be cheering from our living rooms all across this great land when they place that medal around your neck.  Maybe then we as a nation can get our own act together and start moving forward again.

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