Monday, April 30, 2012

Moving Forward

"Step back now believers or the gains will never come", You hear me speak of believing in ourselves, even when no one else does.  You hear me talk of the magic that is all around us if we have the courage to reach out with our minds and believe.  You also hear me preach that there is more to use than we can ever realize unless we seek our limits and learn to control our own thoughts and actions.

Greatness really is within us all, you hear other people say, "It's all in your genes, if you don't have the right genes you can never be a great athlete".  Well genes are 15% of the equation, the other 85% of what it takes is there for us to use.  You hear, "Without a good coach and the best training facility you can't hope to be the best".  We regularly get our butts kicked by endurance athletes form third world countries.  We need to learn to be our own coach and tell ourselves to seek out the hard routes.  We need to learn to push the pace and learn to love the hills.

Most of all we need to learn who we are and what our bodies are capable of.  Everyone can't be the best in their chosen sport but all of us can be much better.  Start out by knowing, right now, that you are a great athlete, you're just not done with your training yet.

Thanks for reading.

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