Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Magic Within

You see me write and hear me speak of the magic that is all around us, the wonders of our world and the happiness that is there for us if we just have the courage to believe in our selves.  When we can do that, believe in our selves and know that we are worth the effort to continually improve our fitness, knowledge and goodness that the magic becomes part of our lives.

As adult athletes we have the opportunity to harden our bodies and strengthen our determination by the healthy lifestyle and regular exercise that is part of our daily routine.  Healthy living must include healthy thoughts and being positive.  I know all of us have experienced trying to exercise when we are mad about something or at someone.  When we do that the effort is much harder and doesn't give us the feeling of a job well done that our training should.  The time we spend mad is wasted time, we need to learn to become the master and not the slave to our feelings.  I know that sounds easy but it's in our nature to put way to much energy into being mad sometimes.

There are many things that we can have more control over if we start monitoring our feelings more.  Learn to realize when your mad, feeling sorry for yourself, wishing for something that you can't afford, feeling like your worthless and just generally sad.  We often expect more of others and not ourselves.  It's an old saying, "Do your best", but it's very powerful.  Get in the habit of asking yourself, "Is this the best I can do"?  If you can answer truthfully that it is, great, if not then do it better.  Whether it's the work you do to earn a living, your training any of the countless other aspects of your life, doing your best does take a conscious effort.  Although after a while doing your best can become a habit.  Don't get in the mindset, "Is this worth my best effort", if your going to put your energy into doing it then yeah it's worth your best effort.,

When we can truly take responsibility for our actions and thoughts then we can start seeing the world around us differently as well.  It becomes a much better place because we are no longer just wondering lost but in control of our own happiness.  You really do see things in a different light and maybe just maybe you will begin to see yourself differently as well.

Thanks for reading.

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