Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Sometimes it appears that it's useless to dream and set goals that are seemingly impossible.  You look at the record books and see that the current records are not seconds faster than you currently are but minutes, many minutes, faster.  It's mind boggling and just beyond comprehension.

You race against competition that you can't believe you can ever catch.  The same people beat you every time you race.  What were you thinking even daring to dream!  How dare you even think that you could ever be that good, or even worse thinking you could be better.

Well, why the hell not?  You already know how fast those others are, but they haven't seen the best of you yet.  They haven't seen you "train insane", they have not seen you crazy.  That record book is ready and waiting for the next person to come along with the desire and the burning need to be the best that ever was.

Don't be afraid to dream, every step, every mile, every workout, go like you are the one that will break records.  Go like you are the chosen, go like you are not to be denied.  Believe that you will get better and better and you will!

Thanks for reading.

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