Thursday, May 3, 2012

Attitude of Age

This writing today is for all my fellow adult athletes who have made the journey into the adventure of the senior years.  Perhaps I'm a fool and need to get my bag of chips and crawl back to the recliner, but I think not.  I do think that when you stop believing in yourself and your abilities you have indeed become OLD.

Yeah when we achieve the senior status we may not be as speedy as we were as young adults but that doesn't mean we can't be a force in the arena of age group competition.  We do have to be more careful and pay more attention to our body and give it a little longer to heal after we abuse it. But make no mistake even a senior body thrives on motion and lots of it.

When we move that body just as hard and fast as we can it feels just as sweet at 50 and beyond as it did at 25.  Maybe just maybe, we still have plenty of improvement and potential in us if we have the courage to look within and seek that part of us that was never tamed and domesticated, that part that longs to be unleashed.

We all age but that doesn't mean we have to stop moving forward, I for one would rather be looking ahead to the next competition that grieving over the past that is gone.  We have lived the past and if we were paying attention we learned from it.

Aging is inevitable, relax and enjoy the ride.

Thanks for reading.

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