Monday, May 4, 2009


Did anyone see the Kentucky Derby, that nobody 50 to one horse showed them high bredes how it's done. It's amazing how sometimes you see an athletic performance that is just mind blowing. The same thing happened at the Olympics when that sprinter correctly named "Bolt" looked like he was running against a high school team. The rest of the field, which were the fastest sprinters in the world, didn't look like they were even in his league. It's things like that that reinforce my beliefs that there is way more to us than we can possibly imagine. We just have to discover the key to unlock our potential.

When I was a student of the Korean martial arts, the instructor told us that as home work till the next class we should think about doing each technique. In our minds we were told to do the techniques, mentally seeing ourselves doing each part correctly. That worked really well. I would leave a class not being able to do a technique very well, then visualize it in my spare time, then the next class I could do it much better even with out any physical practice.

I do something similar now with my race walking. When I'm walking I'll think about each part of my body doing the motions properly. I think arm swing mostly to the back, stride starting from the glutes and hips, push off from the rear foot and digging in with forward foot. Thinking about each part helps me keep it all together. It's especially effective when I'm tired late in a race or I'm powering up a long steep hill to get my mind focused on the proper form.

We have to believe we can do something and visualize doing it to get our best performance. There is an old saying; "you can't hit a target you can't see". That is true for sports goals, if you can't visualize a better performance or a sleeker harder body it's much more difficult to achieve it. I would bet that Mr Bolt could, before he did it, see himself running off and leaving the rest of the sprinters.

Today think about what you want to achieve with your own training. Visualize your goal and you will be much closer to having it.

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Dreamer Panda

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