Thursday, May 7, 2009

Getting Back to Normal

Those that know claim that vigorous exercise makes your brain work better because, like an engine on a turbo charger, you are flooding your brain with oxygen. This morning while I was walking with our morning walk group we were having a good discussion about the economy.

It's a self fulfilling prophecy, the media and the government are continually telling us how bad the economy is which makes people afraid to spend money. That makes it worse because if people would start buying things again then retailers and manufactures could put people back to work. It would seem to me that would be better than spending billions of dollars to keep corporations one step away from bankruptcy. Maybe we need to send the Congress and the President on a brisk walk for a few hours.

I do believe that exercising in a green environment like the country or a park has to be better for your body. Plants put out oxygen and remove pollutants from the air, like filtering it. Does it sound so out of line that if you eat a proper diet to keep the artery clogging gunk out of your body then why not your breathing. Working out in a park puts you in an environment of the freshest, most oxygenated air available. Especially if you normally workout along a highway breathing the least fresh air, you should try to do a few workouts a week in a green environment.

If you have been having trouble improving give breathing fresher air a try. Eat a good low fat diet high in complex carbs and lean protein. Then do some workouts in a park or out in the country, see if it makes a difference. Your body can only take in a certain amount of air, that air has to supply your muscles with the oxygen they need to work. If that certain amount of air has a higher concentration of fresh oxygen then you can supply more to your muscles with each breath.

With more oxygen in your air and less pollutants you can turbo your body and make it work like it was designed to. Because if there is more oxygen available your heart doesn't have to beat as fast nor do you have to breathe as fast to get the oxygen to your muscles.

Now these are my own thoughts and not results of any research survey that I know of. But maybe that explains why the best distance athletes come from 3rd world countries where there is lots of greenery and no industrial pollutants. Maybe your next butt kicking PR is just waiting for you to get back to nature so you can get back to normal.

Thanks for reading.

Nature Panda

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