Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Sun Came Out Today

This year has been nuts with an unusually cold winter and now with more storms this spring than normal. I'm sure there will be a name for what we are going through, like EL Nino or something. That doesn't make it any easier to live with though. I went out Friday with threatening storms and ended up doing the last mile and a half in the rain and wind.

Today the sun came out and I took advantage of it. Being Easter most of the businesses were closed and because of that the traffic was much lighter than normal. I went down one of our main roads that is usually to congested to be walk/run friendly. It's very hilly but I enjoyed taking the new route. I don't train in residential areas since we have very loose leash laws and dog encounters are frequent.

I was able to do a really strong and satisfying 8 miler with, except for a stiff breeze at times, perfect weather. It just isn't the same training on the treadmill where 3 to 4 miles is about all you can stand. Today really recharged my batteries. Especially after a skunky race a week ago.
Often one day can turn a training season around for you. Even after a hard winter like we had just getting out in the sun again can remind us why we do it.

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Happy Panda

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