Tuesday, April 28, 2009

More on Sharing Races

We all have more than our share of stuff to worry about. Wouldn't it be wonderful to do a race at least once a year when you didn't have to stress over your finishing time. Sharing the experience with another athlete especially one doing their first endurance event can be a huge joy. Sometimes we forget to just relax and enjoy the experience.

We have plenty of stress with work, the economy, family issues, the list sometimes seems endless. Any time we can eliminate a stress and turn it to pleasure it's a good thing. To much of our life we spend worrying about something instead of enjoying it. It's easy to burn out when the PRs are hard to come by, sharing the experience can revitalize your love of the journey.

Yes it's ok to push yourself in workouts and races and there is a lot of satisfaction is finishing a race or doing a training route in record time. We need both the thrill of accomplishment and the occasional break form feeling like we have to go for it.

Exercise is like a marriage in that you have to receive as well as give. When you do a race with another you get more than just a finisher medal, you get a memory that will be with you always. I have done races where I've gone hard the whole time and I wouldn't even be able to tell you the route of the course. It was just a blur and a finish time, there was no memory of the experience.

I've stated the last few years doing the endurance races with others and it's so much more than just a finish time. To start with I'm not whipped out at the end and can enjoy the rest of the day instead of spending it in recovery. I remember the good conversation and the sights and sounds of the course.

Try it, share a race with a person doing their first one or just with someone who doesn't want to have to face it alone. It just may give you a whole new outlook on what sport is about.

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Sharing Panda

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