Sunday, April 26, 2009

No Princess will Race Alone

Yesterday I had the pleasure of sharing a lady's first really hot and hilly half marathon. In January I also had the honor of escorting a princess on her first marathon, another very hot race. The year before I brought my own lady across the finish line of the Goofy Challenge. We usually have several guys and gals doing their first half and full marathons at Disney.

When I go with a group doing their first ones I stay back with the last one in the group, which leaves the others to fend for themselves. So I asked around some of the other veteran guys and gals, to see if anyone else would be interested in escorting someone on their first race or someone who just doesn't want to go it alone. I have had good response from everyone I asked.

Most of us are not going to win the race and it's such an honor to be allowed to share the magic of someones first distance challenge. It also gives the escort good motivation to stay in training if some one is depending on them to see them to the finish.

I'm going to try to make this happen for the January 2010 Disney races. I've got this in work at so our ladies there, "The Skirt Nation", will all have a racing partner if they need one. Maybe the idea will spread and there will be a new atmosphere of accomplishment at the races. Not just "how fast can I do it" but sharing the adventure.

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Marathon Panda

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