Monday, April 6, 2009

Babies Happen

One of my co-workers told me something that kinda put the baby news in prospective. She said if most of our parents and waited to have a baby till they could afford one, most of us wouldn't be here. I suppose that is true, I remember getting through having my own children and looking back I wonder how the heck I did it. I was poor and trying to find what work I could in a depressed area. That was during the Nixon era. For anyone who was around then he froze wages so if you were just starting out like me you had to stay at starting wages. He froze prices also but that didn't help my situation.

I joined the Military doing this time because it was the best way to keep the wolf away from the door. Turned out to be a good decision since I had a very rewarding and successful career. Having had a rough time of it myself made it easier for me to help my troops over rough spots in their lives.

I was also fortunate to have discovered exercise to help keep me sane. There were times that I relied on the road to be my therapist. I went for a run to make peace with sending my troops to Iraq during the first gulf war. I ran to come to grips with the World Trade Center buildings being destroyed. On the other had I went running, now race walking, to celebrate the good things that happened also. It's easier to find the energy to soar when your heart is already flying high with joy.

Today I did my running in the pool. I needed to have a good long workout on auto pilot and the pool is perfect. I usually come away from a pool workout totally exhausted and starving but feeling wonderful.

Now if winter would ever go the heck away life would indeed be good.

Thanks for reading.

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