Sunday, June 16, 2013

Would You Take a Shot?

Many years ago there was a movie, "Rocky", it was about a nobody amateur boxer being offered, a once in a life time, shot at the title.  Rocky had a shot and some time to train and get ready.  The movie is about how he trained and prepared for his shot.

Now most of us will never have the champion of the world, in any sport, come knocking at the door and offer us a shot at their title.  But what if we decided that we would train as though we were offered our own chance.  We would be the star of our own reality.  How awesome would it be to pull out all the stops and find out how good you could be.

What would motivate you to make the changes you have always wanted in your athlete career.  What do you desire speed, strength, endurance, a defined muscular body?  Think about it.  For many of us it's training for our first race or our next marathon.  Maybe it's a desire to reach a new level of performance.  Qualify for Boston.  Achieve the time standard for the Olympic trials. What ever it is, make a decision to take a shot.

When you decide what your goal will be, then you can start focusing on what it will take.  Look at where you are and visualize where you want to be.  Design a plan to take you there.  It may involve losing weight, strengthening your muscles, getting in more quality miles and most of all learning more about how to do all these steps.

If your dream is to begin exercising then go to the sports specialty store tomorrow, get fitted for shoes and take that first step.  If it's to make the decision to chase down a dream, then set an achievable goal. Remember "the difference between a dream and a goal is a time limit".  Each time you reach a goal, set a new one, a new step in the direction of your dream.  Before long you will be well on your way to making that dream your reality.

Is it possible?  Of course it is.  We can always get better and we don't know how far we can go, till we begin the journey.  Will you take a shot at a dream?  Or will you just dream.

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