Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Full Monty

I just watched a movie, on HBO, about some unemployed British steel workers, who decided to become male strippers.  It was a comedy but if you are tuned to life's messages, as I try to be, there is wisdom there.  These were just ordinary guys not in great shape as you would expect male dancers to be.  So in order to get the audience, of the ladies, they took the stripping one step further than the norm and showed it all, the Full Monty. 

What would our own lives be like if we went that one step further in every thing we did.  What if we gave everything full measure.  Giving full measure, what a novel idea, could that be the key to success in everything.  Giving full measure in business means going further than your competition.  It's the edge, the secret ingredient, the ace in the hole, whatever you want to call having the advantage, giving full measure is how you get it.

In weight loss it's going all the way, eating right, not cheating, drinking the water and doing the exercise.  In sports it's training hard and regularly.  I read once that when the San Francisco 49ers showed up for practice that Jerry Rice and Joe Montana were already there working on the passing game.  They were both record breaking Hall of Fame Players.  They gave just a little bit more than everyone else and it showed in their performance.  Maybe it all boils down to having enough faith in ourselves that we have decided we are worth the effort.

Even giving full measure isn't going to take us where we want to go unless we also make a commitment that we are going to give that full effort, every time.  No cheating, keeping it up, staying faithful to your dreams.  If you made the commitment to workout hard 3 days a week then that means every week, not just when you remember or when it's convenient.  If you made the commitment to eat clean, so you can become healthier, that means even when someone brings donuts or cake to work, or you are craving a high fat dish.

Are you worth that step further?  It's your decision, it really is.  You could make a decision to give full measure to your own life and change your life forever.

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