Sunday, June 2, 2013

Becoming a Warrior of Life

Life is a gift but the quality, of the time we have, is mostly under our control.  We can, with hard work and making good choices, affect how our life will be.  We can choose to be warriors of life and meet our challenges head on, or we can be slaves of fate and learn to roll with the punches.  But what about those things that blindside us, when we least expect them?  What about the unexpected and often tragic events of nature, we can't control them can we?

No we can't control the unexpected or the events of nature.  Just recently there have been acts of violence by those that harm others, just to make a statement.  There have been horrible natural disasters, as well as dangerous situations, when our transportation systems malfunction.  Our world is a dangerous place filled with the unexpected, it's up to each of us to be prepared.  Like a warrior that trains daily, for battles that may come, we must train our selves for the challenges life throws at us.  Those miles that are tough but we do them anyway are preparing us to be survivors.  Our hard earned toughness and stamina might be what not only saves us but others.  No one plans to be a hero, they arise when a hero is needed, because they were prepared.

We are the ones that have control over how well we are equipped to handle those life challenges.  We can train with weights to make us stronger, we can do distance training to prepare us for those times when our endurance may be all that we have to survive.  Our healthy body may be our only defense against a rogue virus or a biological attack.  Our overall fitness is what keeps us, as we age, from being crippled with back problems and joint conditions.

Training for a half or full marathon can mean a lot more than just going the distance and getting the medal.  It can be a stepping stone to becoming a warrior of life.  They might not be the fastest or the strongest but those that train for and go the distance are a heck of a lot more powerful than before they started.  A person that can walk or run for 13 or 26 miles can surely walk to safety if needed, even carrying a child. 

Every morning we need to get up mentally prepared for what ever the day may bring.  We need to have earned the right to say to our selves, "I'm ready, bring it"!

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