Saturday, March 31, 2012

Louisville Papa John's 10 miler Race.

Today was the beginning of my racing after making a lot of changes in my life. I'm eating cleaner, sleeping more and training more intensely. I felt the difference that losing 18 lbs and staying focused made. My training took this new turn at the middle of January after returning from the Disney World Goofy Challenge.

This race is very hilly, it's three miles of flat course through a residential area and then starts up some serious hills for the next 4 miles. Then the course goes back to the flat area until the last mile where there is a long hill over a tunnel. Regardless of the the hills each mile was faster for me than the last.

My goal was to race walk the course under 2 hours. At the 5 mile point, right in the middle of the hill area, I was at 1 hour. I took a quick inventory of how I was feeling and since I was feeling strong I attacked the hills and had a great time passing runners who had resorted to walking up the hills or were running slowly. I keep up the assault on the hills and then back on the flat I kept up the pace. I ended up finishing the last 5 miles in 58 min.

At the end I was glad to see the finish line but kinda wished it was a half marathon instead of a 10 miler since I was on pace to have a good PR and had plenty of energy left. I have definitely reached a new level in my racing ability.

We had pizza, nice Cinnamon buns and a fruit waiting at the end. Highly recommend this race for a fun inexpensive destination race.

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