Saturday, March 24, 2012

How Bad "DO" You Want It?

"How bad 'DO' you want it"? Wow is that phrase ever powerful. I'm writing this today for my fellow adult endurance athletes and track and field athletes. We are the poster children for the spirit of sport. There are no variables in our game, with all the team sports the outcome isn't entirely up to us, but in our chosen sport it's our bodies and desire against the distance, period. It doesn't matter what the other competitors brought, only what you bring.

There is nothing wrong with working out, running, walking, swimming, biking.....just for health and fitness. I applaud that, it's awesome to have that in your lifestyle. But, there comes a time for most of us when we want to know, "Just how good can I be"? We get that desire, it starts as a daydream and evolves into a need, a burning to know.

With the sport we have chosen, we are a team of one, we are our own champion and we go toe to toe, one on one with the distance. To do that we have to build ourselves into the total package. We have to do it all if we want it all. We have to train in our sport and we have to train those parts of our body that our sport doesn't develop. We have to do the stretching, the strength building and we have to do the miles. We have to build our endurance and our will. When we reach our limits in a race then it's our desire and determination that takes over. It's not the strongest that wins a race it's the toughest.

It's a hard fight to reach our potential. It's a battle with our schedules to find the time. It's a war with our fat cells that often have had their way with us for way to long. It's a fight to control our natural tendency to look for the easy path. But most of all it's a constant struggle to stay the course, to keep moving forward. Motivation must start within then we can look for more logs to put on the fire from our friends and those athletes we admire for their accomplishments.

Let this be the weekend that you take that spark of a dream and turn up the heat till you have the flame of desire burning strong.

Thanks for reading.

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