Friday, March 30, 2012

Lock and Load!

There is a phrase that every member of the military knows, "Lock and Load". It means lock in the magazine and slam the bolt forward to strip a bullet off the top of the magazine and into the chamber ready to fire. It's the prelude to combat. In a sense that is a proper way for an athlete to view going into a race, locked and loaded, ready for combat.

We should look at preparing for a race as going into combat, we are going in prepared to give our all and feel proud of our effort. All the training is great for our body and our heart, but going into a race and giving it the best you have is good for your soul. When you cross the finish line and you know you held nothing back then you won, regardless of where in the pack you came in.

Indeed racing is combat, your going toe to toe with some pretty tough opponents, your facing down your own demons of self doubt, your fighting for true self respect, since no one but you knows if you did give your best effort. You have trained your body, hardened your muscles and built a will of iron, now your ready to turn that inner warrior lose.

Racing is our reward for all the hours and all the miles, we have paid our dues and now it's time to join our brother and sister athletes in this celebration of health and fitness.

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