Wednesday, December 30, 2009

"Yeah We Bad"

In the movie Stir Crazy, Richard Pryor, walking into prison, "Yeah we bad". To show the big mean looking inmates that they we not guys to be messed with. For my fellow road warriors going to DisneyWorld next week, that's the attitude to take with you. The training is pretty much done and the rest is just getting it done.

The Disney events are the bad distances, the 13.1 mile half marathon, the 26.2 mile full marathon and the insane Goofy challenge where you do both. We go to challenge our selves and to slay some personal demons of self doubt.

Going into these races is kind of like going to war, that's why I call my fellow athletes road warriors. When we first made the decision to do these distances, they seemed impossible. But like troops preparing for battle we trained our bodies. We made ourselves strong and tough. We ate better and slept better when we could. We prepared for our coming battle.

That battle looms now just before us. We leave next week to take our place on the field of honor. We bring with us only what we can carry into the fight. Our Gels and special electrolyte mixes. Our high tech uniforms and foot gear chosen carefully. Nothing escapes our pre race check list, Body Glide, nails trimmed, throw off clothes to keep us warm till the start.

Now is the time to take a final inventory of our race attire and our supplies. Florida can be hot, cold or anywhere in between. Nothing worse than standing for hours freezing before the start and being stiff and tired from shivering before you even start. So like a good troop be prepared to do battle despite the weather.

The main weapon you take into battle is your attitude. Go in knowing you will win, not dwelling on your fears and doubts. Your work is done now is the time for the glory of victory.

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