Saturday, December 12, 2009

Singular Wellness

Well it appears that I'm going to get some first hand experience in coping with the stress of being single. Doesn't it seem that everywhere you go people seem to always be coupled up? Well right now I contemplating where someone goes on vacation when they are single. I'm a social person and like to share experiences and memories.

I'm a big fan of Disney but just can't imagine doing that alone. I love the 3D Movies there, The Great Movie ride, Spaceship earth and many many others but they are things to do with another not by yourself. Or are they? Last week I had a desire to go to the theater and share popcorn. Again not ready to do something like that alone and at my age it seems everyone I know is married.

I suppose as time goes on I'll meet other single people and acquire other single friends. Having been married for the great majority of my adult life I have to relearn how to make friends with other single people and how to ask them to do things with me.

I am learning that I have a lot more freedom to do things when and how I want to. I take naps when I feel like it and eat when I'm hungry rather than just at regular times. I get up early to train and then go home for a snack and a nap before work. After work since I work evenings is usually just a snack, check mail on the computer, do a few quick posts and off to bed.

During the first week I had a couple of beers each night before bed to help me get sleepy but that is long since past and I'm sleeping good. I wake without an alarm every morning and then crawl out of bed for coffee and a bagel to wake up with before I'm off to the days workout.

But each day gets better and each day I get mentally stronger again so I should have everything figured out soon, it's not like I'm the first person to ever be single.

Thanks for reading.

Rambing Panda

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