Sunday, June 28, 2009

Would you know if you had natural ability?

Most all of us that exercise dream of being a champion, sprinting out with the lead pack, running with the leaders and leaving the normal people behind. But if we had natural ability would we know it. In our dream reality of course we do but in our real reality are we just being our own worst enemy.

To start with there is a saying that "hard work will beat natural talent if natural talent doesn't work hard". We could very well be a natural but we don't pay our dues by putting out the effort required to nurture that talent. A panda saying is, "If a champion athlete woke up in your body would they treat it the way you do or would they prepare it to perform the way they need it to".

Just for fun let's assume you are that champion athlete that woke in your body today. The first thing you are probably going to do is take inventory of what you have to work with. Two arms Check, two legs Check, all the muscles in the right place Check, intake and exhaust system in place Check, lots of good potential for improvement and growth Check.

Now you have to look and what needs changing, Hummmm: A bit of extra fluff that needs to go, muscles that need a chance to grow strong and hard. A heart that needs to be exercised and fed right to keep it pumping strong and reliably beating. See this stuff is not going to be a problem because you woke as a champion and not a self doubting person unsure that you have any real ability or potential.

My challenge you everyone reading this is: Today let "I'm a champion", be your power mantra. When you are feeling hopeless to resist snacking remember "I'm a champion" and I choose not to snack. "I'm a champion", I will do my walk, run, bike, swim ect... today. If you don't believe you have potential you won't have it. The choice is yours, to quote the Hobbit, "The mold of your life is in your hands to break".

Rambling Panda

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