Monday, June 15, 2009


We are taught by society and government to be submissive and do what we are told so we can make a living and stay out of jail. Don't you think our turn the other cheek, please life don't hit me anymore, how may I serve you today self needs a little butt kicking time of it's own?

Sport was designed to give us that pay back, that chance to for a little while stop being the admin assistant who knows the bosses job better then he does or the junior partner in the firm that's tired of doing as the company says and show what she can really do. The waitress or the retail clerk that is going to puke if they have to say "how may I serve you one more time".

There are words and phrases that speak to a different part of us, a part that is ready to put it on the line and give full measure, words that put fire in our eyes and determination in our hearts. Words that say it's time for your untamed side to say "Bring it on"!

For a cowboy it's "Rodeo".

For a beach boy or girl it's "Surfs Up".

For an endurance athlete it's "Marathon".

Yeah there is risk and the chance to fail, but there is also a opportunity for you to tell that domestic worker bee side of you to take a seat and let your wild side kick a little butt.

If you feel like I do that sometimes you just have to lay it on the line and tell that submissive side that it's not in charge, you are. Then give me a heart felt "Hell Yeah"!

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Racing Panda

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