Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Choosing to Live

As people approach their forties, fifties, sixties and beyond they begin to think about their own mortality. We start wondering how it is we will go, will we have a heart attack laying in our beds and have to be raced to the emergency room. Or will they be overcome with cancer, perhaps a stroke will cripple then kill us later when we have become to weak to fight anymore. These thoughts are especially prevalent among people who have abused themselves with food, drink and smoke.

One of the front line, main event reasons for choosing to follow a healthy lifestyle is to prolong our time on the planet. It's never been proven that adult athletes live longer, but I think they do. It is proven that they have a much better quality of life. It has to be better living into the eighties an longer and leading an active life style instead of being cared for in a nursing home. I really don't want someone changing my diapers when I'm really old. I want to still be picking my next race.

Adult athletes who exercise regularly, eat well and deal with stress usually are not dependent on prescription drugs to help with their quality of life. I take an occasional Advil or Aspirin for a sore spot but that's all. I can even live without that if I needed to, a little ice and stretching usually takes care of those sore places.

No matter what age you are now, it's never to early to make a choice to live. Sit down with a tablet and pencil and make two columns one column list all your reasons for living, then in the other column list all the reasons you want to die young. I'll bet your live list is way longer than your die list. It sounds morbid but when your 45 and in that emergency room with the medics working on you it's to late to say I wish I had took better care of myself.

Choose to not just live but choose to live strong and well.

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Rambeling Panda

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