Thursday, May 16, 2013

There is no Try!

There is a quote form the Star Wars character, Yoda, "Do or Do not, there is no Try"!  That is very powerful and hints at what, in reality, truly is the secret, to successfully making changes in our lives.  The switch that turns on our personal magic is making the decision that it's time to stop trying and start doing.

 I smoked for many years and for most of those years, at least once a week I would try to quit.  I would do great for a few hours or a day then something trivial would happen and I'd reach for that cigarette, have my fix and vow that I'd try again soon.  Then one day I just stopped and never had the desire again to have a cigarette.  I had years of practice quitting smoking, so what made that day different.  All the other times I hadn't made the decision to quit, I had made the decision to try.  I had empowered myself to fail, since if I gave it a shot and then couldn't resist the desire, then it was ok because I had tried.

It doesn't matter if it's losing weight, quitting smoking, running a marathon, getting fit, going to collage or any of a thousand other goals, if you make a commitment, to yourself, to accomplish something you will do it.  If you decide to try, then you have given yourself a ready made excuse, to fail.  You accomplished just what you committed to do, you tried.  Failure can't be an option, it may take time but if you have made that commitment, to yourself, you will eventually do what you desire to do.  When the commitment is finally made the results will come quickly.

Have you ever listened to a good motivational speaker, or seen an inspiring movie, that really had you fired up to make positive changes in your life?  We need to be our own motivational speaker.  Start every day telling that person in the mirror that you are done trying, you are tired of being over weight, you are tired of being out of shape, you are tired of not having the happiness in your life that you desire.  Let that person know that you are ready to make changes, not to try but to make them.  Then will power is not such a problem.  You are going to do what you need to do, excuses will not be excepted.  You are past that, the time has come and you will not fail.

Is this the day that you make a decision to stop trying and start making the changes you desire?

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