Saturday, May 11, 2013

A Changing World.

I have followed the running and exercise movement since the late 1970s.  What I see now more than ever are working moms that are not only raising a family, running a household, working a full time job but also making the time to train for and run or walk half and full marathons.  That folks is inspiring to the extreme.  These warrior princesses, yes any lady who trains for and goes the distance deserves that title, are positive role models for all of us.  It's hard for us guys to complain about finding the time to exercise, with so many examples like them, all around us.

We need good role models now, maybe more than ever before and women are showing us the way.  When I go to the park to do my miles I often see a mom or a group of moms pushing jogging strollers and getting their miles in as well.  I've even seem some tiny women pushing double strollers along the kitty litter trails.  Talk about getting a strength training workout!  Those women are living proof that if you want something enough, you can make it happen.  Teen age girls, young adult women and senior ladies are all out there, taking control or their lives and setting the example.

Those women are taking the lead and we need to take notice.  There is an old saying, "Heroes will come when heroes are needed", we need them now and they are coming.  The world is changing, we have to change with it.  At the risk of being to simplistic; the cure for the health care crisis is healthier people, the answer for being more productive is fitness and endurance, the way to stamp out the nation wide problems of drug and alcohol abuse is offer another way to cope with problems that seem overwhelming.

It is a fact, that in the big half and full marathons, women athletes usually outnumber the men.  Think about that for a minute, there might be more women now, that have completed a half or full marathon, than there are men.  The weaker sex?  Dream on brothers, they are making us look bad and it's time for us to get into the game and join them.

The world is changing and we need to change with it.  Strength, fitness, endurance, stamina and a mind that can handle stress are our best tools, for moving forward in this changing world.  It appears that women have sensed this and they are showing by example what we need to do.  Let's follow their example, we truly can change a lot of things. 

If you are a veteran runner or walker, talk about it, let people know that you are an athlete and anyone that wants help, getting started themselves, can come to you for advice. If you are a beginner, welcome to the club, you are now on a path that can change your life.  Just starting to think about it, get your sneakers on and go to the park and take a walk,.  You might just find what's been missing in your life.

It has been said by many great philosophers, a truth that has spanned hundreds of years, "If you want change, start with changing yourself".

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