Sunday, February 17, 2013


There is a rock band from my generation named the Doors.  A set of lyrics from one of their songs goes like this, "Break on through to the other side".  In our lives, "there is the known and the unknown and in between, the Doors".  As adult athletes we can surely relate to that.  Training is in reality a series of doors that we must break through to get to the next level.

To accomplish a break through we need to first want it, then see it and finally earn it.  Yes earn it, as all athletes, that have been going the distance any length time know, you have to do it your self, no one can give you improvement.  You earn it by leaving your known and daring to explore your limits.

When we first make that decision to begin the journey, to health and fitness and along with it the unending quest, of the adult athlete, we go through many doors.  We begin as slow plodders, our known, but we see the 'good athletes' moving effortlessly and leaving us in their dust, that is an unknown that seems pure magic.  We see what is possible and desire it, but achieving that level of performance requires so much more than desire.

Training is in a way one of the purest forms of magic.  Our bodies are such a wonderful design.  We can transform our body and mold it, we can, if we do the work, continue to achieve new levels.  Levels that are without end, there is always another door awaiting those with the courage to "Break on through, to the other side".

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