Friday, February 8, 2013

Be the Warrior

Our nation has a higher rate of obesity than ever before, we die of things that in most countries are rare conditions.  Our overall fitness has been going down hill for quite a while now.  This is happening at the same time that we are at the brink of economic collapse.  Because of that economic situation there are less and less agencies to protect us and to respond to those things that threaten us.

I know most of my readers are adult athletes, fitness for us is a life style.  In this day and age our level of fitness is our first, last and often only defense against those threats that we will encounter.  We the adult athletes need to lead the way, we need to be the positive example.  We need to be proud of what we stand for and help others we care about to follow our lead.

It's time to look at fitness in a new light, not just as a hobby and a way to look better and feel better but as something necessary for survival.  How many of us, in this country, can walk 10 miles to seek help if our car breaks down in the middle of no where and no chance of help arriving.  How many can carry a friend down from a mountain when they are injured on a hike.  How many can fight back against an assailant who wants to hurt them for fun.  How many can dive into a river and rescue a person who is drowning.  Who has the strength to handle an emergency.

This all sounds medieval but life is often tough, other people can be cruel, we hear all the time of people who are killed or severely injured because they couldn't get to safety.  Those miles we walk or run, those laps we swim, those exercise classes and everything we do to make our bodies work better.  Every time we workout we come away stronger and more capable of handling what life throws at us.  I dare say each of us will sometime during our lives, escape injury, sickness or death because we are fit and strong enough to handle the situation.  And perhaps even more important someone we care about will be saved because we were strong enough.

Thanks for reading.

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