Sunday, August 12, 2012

Travel Tips

I know that a lot of you that travel probably already do this but for those new to traveling to races and traveling in general, here are some tips.

I buy two of everything I use, toothbrush and paste, deodorant, electric get the idea.  I put together a kit with all the stuff in it and then when it comes time to travel then all I have to do is throw that kit in the suitcase and not worry about that kind of stuff.  The other day I lost my comb so I just borrowed the comb from my travel kit till I had a chance to get to the store and replace it.  It helps when you unexpectedly run out of something to.  But the main thing is that is one less thing to think about when I travel.

Another thing I do is buy vacation clothes off season and put them away already washed and pressed or folded in a suitcase ready for a trip, I have one suitcase for each season, already pretty much packed.  DisneyWorld in January has been a challenge the last few years since it's fluctuated between 21 and 85 degrees.

I keep a gym bag packed with race stuff and exercise stuff in general  I use it pretty much everyday and keep it packed with a couple of sets of shorts tech shirts and socks.  I also keep it stocked with safety pins, bodyglide and extra shoe laces.

So when I'm ready to take off for a weekend race I just need to throw the shaving kit in the pretty much already packed suitcase, grab the gym bag and I'm ready to go.

Thanks for reading and please share your own tips for making travel packing and preperation less of a headache.


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