Thursday, August 16, 2012

Transitioning from walking to race walking.

Several of our Wish members walk their half and full marathons.  I want to offer those that are interested an easy transition from regular or "power" walking to efficient race walking.  The advantage is that you can walk at a faster pace with less effort than you can with regular fast walking.  You don't ever have to compete in judged race walking competitions to get the benefits of efficient walking.

Each week, starting tonight and then every Monday I'm going to give those that are interested an efficient walking step to work on when they walk that week.  Then each week you will get another piece of the puzzle.  You will lean something new to work on and continue to use what you have learned so far.

I will answer questions and offer individual tips to explain and clarify the techniques that I will present to you.  We have another race walker in our group, Tracy who has offered her help as well.  Tracy will be giving a slightly different view of the technique detail that I talk about each week.  How well you can perceive a technique move will determine how successful you will be with the race walking.  Having a couple of slightly differing views helps a lot since not everyone feels a move the same way.In addition I will post videos and commentary from accomplished race walkers and coaches. 

This weeks focus is posture.  Posture is extremely important to efficient walking.  Gravity pushes down on us all the time and the most efficient way to move through gravity is with a straight up walking posture.  Back straight, chin up and walk tall.  Good posture also allows you to get more motion form your hips which translates to a longer stride.

This week when you walk concentrate on posture, back straight, chin up, walk tall.  Try to get in at least two training walks before Monday.

Another good habit to get into right now is to stretch regularly, at least 3 times a week.  Stretches for the back, different leg muscles, hips and groin are all very important.  You will probably be sore for a while if you haven't been stretching regularly.

Lastly it's time to do some house cleaning.  Make a deal with your self to stop drinking soft drinks and drink cold water instead.

Please respond to this post if your interested in learning to walk more efficiently.  You can post your questions on the weekly thread or directly to Tracy or I on the Wish board or on Facebook.

Thanks for reading.


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