Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Back to Relentless Forward Motion

Now that grand baby has arrived and is safe in his little warmer at the hospital it's time to switch from baby watch to exercise mode again. Anyone besides hitting a slick spot right now and having a hard time getting the miles and exercises in.

Many of us are training for the races at DisneyWorld in January. Everyone should be building base miles and time in motion right now. Here are some of my ways to get the panda moving:

Fill your iPod or MP3 with kicking motoring tunes. For this I like, "Eye of the Tiger", "Standing outside the fire", "Ballad of the Alamo", "Gotta fly now", "Born to be wild", "Untamed" and "How bad do you want it".

Remind your self why you started exercising to begin with.

Make a list of who besides you depends on your health and energy.

Remember the goals you have set for yourself. They are promises you made to that wonderful person who looks back at you from the mirror, don't let you down. You are worth the effort.

Avoid people you know are going to be whinny and negative about everything. Try to spend more time around the people in your life that make you feel special.

Ready set go, we can do this!!!!

Thanks for reading.

Rambling Panda

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