Monday, April 15, 2013

Hoist The Colors!

We call ourselves brothers and sisters, we endurance athletes.  We are the gold standard in getting along with our peers from the world over and treating each other with respect.  We are the example of courage, we are the cure and the antidote for the ills that plague the people of the world.

Now let's show that we transcend the fallacy of race and regardless of our personal nationality that we are indeed brothers and sisters.  Let's show that we endurance athletes the world over are expressing our displeasure at this horrible act of terror and that we honor our dead and wounded brothers and sisters at Boston.

Tomorrow wear a race shirt to work.  If you work for a company that won't allow it then wear your race shirt as an under shirt.  Show your solidarity and express your disgust at this type of terrorism.  Let the world see and hear our message.  I'm sending this request to the International Athletic Alliance and to club sites around the world.


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