Thursday, January 31, 2013

What if a world class athlete woke up in your body?

What if a world class athlete woke up in your body this morning?

What would he/she do?  What changes would they make, what would life be like for your body from now on.  I'm going to use my own body for this fantasy.  First thing the new resident of body Dave would probably do is to decide this is totally unacceptable.  That extra fluff around my middle isn't going to last and those tight calves and IT bands are going to be limbered up post haste.  Those arm, back and shoulder muscles will be whipped into shape and that keg will soon become a defined well toned core muscle group.

Once he got up out of bed he would probably take a good shower and then towel off briskly giving his muscles a good hard massaging rub down in the process.  Then he would go into my kitchen and wonder where the heck the food was.  I feel like he would be fine with my Special k, with banana cut up on top and skim milk.  The Starbucks coffee and flavored creamer would probably fly as well.  After breakfast he would go through the fridge and cabinets and throw out the stuff he would never think of eating.  Then make out a shopping list to get lots of fresh unprocessed food.

I'm sure he would head off to the park to think this over and get in some miles.  He would choose the park because the air would be fresher and charged with oxygen since the trees, bushes and grass in the park would be taking in the carbon dioxide and giving off oxygen.  While he was doing this cardio workout he would be taking inventory of this new body figuring out how he was going to get it in shape for competition.

So if this fantasy were reality what would this world class athlete have that we don't already have.  Desire?  Knowledge?  We have all the knowledge available to us through the net and from the awesome athletes that we have as friends to help us along.  We have access to the same grocery store they would shop at, we have the health clubs for weight training and we have the parks, track and roads to train on.  What we lack is the belief that we can do it.  We can have the knowledge and the desire, but we have to KNOW that if we do the miles, the stretching, the strengthening and eat properly then we can accomplish our dreams.

Sounds simple and easy doesn't it, just believe it and it will happen.  Yes it is that simple but you have to first desire it, as the Tim McGraw song goes "How bad do you want it", you have to desire that new powerful body more than you desire the comfort food.  You have to get off that couch, sitting in front of your laptop and get down in the floor and stretch or do yoga postures.  You have to get up in the morning or get off work in the evening and consider that workout your going to do as your other job and it needs to become a labor of love.

You can bet those world class athletes feel the same pain, when they push their limits, as we do but it defines them.  They have come to know as you must come to know that if you pay your dues then you will reach your dreams.  You may never break a world record but then again you just might.  I have friends that have lost lots of weight, trained hard and believed in themselves and broken records.

Thank you for reading.

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