Saturday, December 1, 2012

Make This Place Your Home

I truly believe that we adult athletes have something more inside of us than just the desire to be healthy or the fear of not being healthy. I believe that just maybe there is a part of us that is not and never will be tamed and civilized.

Our world if we follow the news is in sorry shape.  But is it the world or the people in it that are making it that way.  My vote is that it's the people.  Greed, hatred and desire to own and control have turned our planet into a pretty sad place.  But for us, the adult athlete, it doesn't have to be that way.

When we train it's just us and mother nature or some like minded people.  When we are putting in our miles the state, of the man made part, of the world really doesn't have any meaning.  Moving our bodies and becoming one with that untamed side of us is all that matters.  The corruption and the greed have no meaning when we are gliding along through God's creation of beauty and wonder.  How much money we have in the bank, what kind of car we own are not even a thought as we will our bodies forward.

We the athletes have learned to transcend the trouble and bigotry of our world and find the peace that is there.  We become more like the wolf loping tirelessly along for the pure joy of just being in motion.  Our training allows us the opportunity to escape the madness and instead find the magic, we see just how amazing our world is.  We are able to truly be at home the way we were meant to be, free and healthy people, not asking anything of our world but to pass through it in peace and harmony with nature.

The rest of mankind may never understand what we have found, but we can continue to be the example of what's right about the world instead of worrying about controlling each other. Train for health and sanity, fall in love with the beauty around you.  Let your untamed side out to play and be truly at home and at peace with our world.

Thanks for reading.

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