Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Not Entirely Tamed

We see a lot of movies these days about were wolves, creatures that are people with a wild untamed side. The animal within. Perhaps that isn't entirely fiction, perhaps there is a part of each of us that has never been tamed.

Wild things must move and endure more than humans. In wild nature, the swift escape being eaten and the swift predator eats. There is no lazy in the wild. Those of us that choose to become athletes have a lot in common with the wild things we share our world with.

We learn to push ourselves to accomplish more and more, not because we have to, not at first anyway. Later after we have hardened our will and our body, yes we have to, we are no longer satisfied unless we have our time of play and motion, our wild time. That wild time puts us in touch with that part of us that has not been tamed by the good life. We tend to get lazy with all the ways that society has made life easy and comfortable for us. But for adult athletes, we crave our wild time.

Work is a necessary fact of life for most of us. It's easy to get in a routine of work, TV, eat and sleep. When we are in that mode we still have that wildness inside but we become very good at ignoring it. But once we discover the joy that comes from regular motion we can never entirely go back to the couch. It's like for a short time we are set free, free to be wild and untamed.

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