Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dress for stress

Many people who begin an exercise program start by spending money. Exercise outfits, shoes, health club memberships, watches, music players, navigation devices and performance enhancers. You can buy gadgets that tell you your speed, the calories you burned and even record your route. You can buy gels and drinks that keep you going when your body has run out of stored energy. You can even buy belts with pockets and loops to keep it all in. There are backpacks that are actually a giant canteen with a tube to suck the water from as you exercise.

A natural activity like walking or running becomes a very expensive endeavor. What was play now becomes an expense that must be planned for and then you can become so hung up on the gadgets and garments that you lose one of the basic reasons to exercise, releasing stress. If you could just get a new pair of tight knee high compression socks then your shins wouldn't hurt..., The list of items you can't do without becomes endless and there is always that 'something', that if you had it you could be so much faster and go so much further.

So what do you really need? The most important pieces equipment are good fitting comfortable shoes designed for how your body moves. Get professional help when picking them out, a running specialty store is the place to go for your initial fitting. The sales people at most stores like Foot Locker and Finish Line do not know how to fit you with the proper shoes. If you must take a day trip to another city to find a running specialty store then do it, it's worth the effort.

When buying your exercise clothes, go with function instead of fashion. Pants that are to long and drag the ground behind your shoes my be fashionable but can also injure you. Buy pants that fit comfortably a pair of pants or shorts that are to tight in the waist will restrict your breathing and will chaff you to tears. Shirts also need to allow freedom of movement and not have tight places that rub. Once you have a comfortable pair of shorts or exercise pants and a loose fitting T-Shirt, along with a proper pair of shoes you are ready to go.

I prefer to keep my exercise attire simple and functional but the goodies and gadgets make it more fun and interesting as you progress. New stuff makes a good reward for reaching your goals and to keep it fresh. But at the beginning just get the basics and get out there and get your miles in. Earning your stuff makes it more special.

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Rambling Panda

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